What Is A Low Carb Diet?


The low carb (Keto) diet is a diet that omits starches, sugars in any form, breads, and pasta. This action is to trick the body into burning fat cells for enegy rather than the sugars in the blood stream.

It is a well known fact that your body has to have protein and fats to survive but not carbohydrates. To be successful, carbohydrates should be below 20 grams per day while on this plan. In the beginning to get your body into ketosis 10 grams of carbohydrates is the standard.

You don’t have to count calories with this diet plan. This allows you to eat enough and not be hungry as long as you are eating the correct foods. On the low carb diet, foods to be eating is to be “real food.” That is food that is not processed or ready made. You will also need to watch the meat (protein) you eat due to added preservatives and fillers and a whole lot of salt.

Consuming fresh colorful vegetables, and cheeses, fish, eggs will make you very happy. The addition of seeds and nuts will be a huge benefit too.
Beware of the condiments you use as toppings, some will sabatoge your efforts. Sugar comes in many forms. Learning to read labels while on this journey is essential to your success. Caution has to used with the vegetables you eat too. Some vegetables have a sizeable amount of sugar content as fruit does. Finding a carbohydrate scale will be very helpful in the beginning until you get a handle on it.

Labels have meaning. The ingredients listed first means that there is more of it going to the least by what’s listed last. Not only is sugar hidden here it is also hidden in your drinks. So stay away from sodas and all other sweetened drinks as much as possible. Even diet sodas have a negative effect on your success due to the sweeetener. Water is always best even with a lemon slice, coffee, teas, are good substitutes.

There is so much more information to learn that is beyond this overview of the low carb diet. That is exactly why this site is here.

Low carb (KETO) food information keeps growing in popularity. New health benefits are being discovered daily. For more on how to get started click here