WARNING!! Tea Drinkers

Not all teas are created equal…

No doubt you have seen all the rage about different detox teas. But what they don’t tell you is that some are laced with a laxative for fast results in a short time. Is this healthy? After all you are drinking the tea to have better health.  There are so many different kinds of teas on the market how is anyone supposed to know if it’s real tea because it usually comes in a bag right!

Well I’ve done some research and have tried a couple of different teas that really do what they claim and are safe .  This is my pick…

 The Red Detox Tea– This tea works even while your sleeping  and you can lose up to 1 1/2 pounds every 3 days and helps with appetite control by reducing your cravings. Really works. Watch this testamonial.

You May Resemble What You Eat

Don’t be disappointed, with all the misinformation out there it’s hard to know where to get valuable and trustworthy facts about our food and the cause and effect of what we eat.

There is a better choice to make. Be more informed so  you can get ahead using low carb food.